Sunday 20 January 2019
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windowscentral - 9 days ago

Nanoleaf Aurora is a customizable set of smart lights for gamers

The Nanoleaf Aurora kit has been on the market for a while now, but thanks to new Razer Chroma support, it has a whole new dimension worth exploring. The Nanoleaf Aurora light kit is a staple of fancy office battle stations, allowing users to customize the ambiance and mood of their home spaces. However, I found myself intrigued for another reason: Razer Chroma integration. For those who don t know, Razer Chroma is a system that allows video games to synchronize up to Razer s lighting platform, typically used in the company s mice and keyboards. Razer doesn t make its own smart lights (yet), but it does allow Chroma to sync up with third-party offerings, including Philips Hue, and of course, Nanoleaf. So just how good are the light panels in real life, though? Read one. Epic lighting for every occasion Nanoleaf Aurora $220 Bottom line: If you have the right walls for it, the Nanoleaf Aurora kit is a gorgeous bit of home tech for any connected-home fan....

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