Sunday 16 December 2018
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windowscentral - 9 days ago

4K and HDR TVs have never been cheaper

4K is the way of the future. Despite its slow consumer-level growth over the last five or so years, we re starting to see more and more 4K HDR content, and therefore, more and more consoles, platforms, and services are showing support. When 4K TVs hit the market, they were well over $2,500 apiece, but now you can get a 4K TV quite inexpensively. These are the best cheap 4K HDR TVs you can buy. Top dog LG UK6300PUE (43 , 49 , 55 , 65 ) Our pick In terms of best bang for your buck, this LG model is without a doubt our top pick. LG makes some of the best TVs money can buy, and this one matches up well to even other more expensive sets. You can get a 49-inch for under $400, featuring LG s fantastic Web OS smart interface, a stunning IPS panel, and, of course, HDR10 support. $397 for 49 at Amazon Cheapest option Toshiba LF621U19 (43 , 50 , 55 ) For only $400, you can get this TV in 55 inches. It features Amazon s Fire TV platform built right in, and it supports 4K HDR content...

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