Thursday 17 January 2019
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windowscentral - 2 month ago

Is Earthfall for Xbox One worth buying?

Best answer: Definitely. Earthfall is one of the most engaging and content-rich cooperative shooters on Xbox One. Microsoft: Earthfall ($30) What makes Earthfall special? While Earthfall may look like a clone of Left 4 Dead at a glance, it s actually an evolution of Valve s award-winning game design. Instead of using zombies, Earthfall instead centers around an alien invasion of Earth that leaves the world devastated. You and three other survivors have to fight your way through the alien-infested ruins of society in order to find a way to fight back. With nearly ten different types of aliens to fight, a huge array of weapons, a fairly deep skill progression system, and a wide variety of different sandbox elements, Earthfall is an incredible cooperative shooter that takes the original Left 4 Dead concept and uses it to soar to new heights. My personal favorite part of Earthfall s sandbox are the metal gates that you can freely move around in order to create chokepoints that you c...

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