Sunday 16 May 2021
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windowscentral - 29 days ago

Microsoft s Surface Duo is not failing up

If you think Microsoft bringing Surface Duo to more commercial markets is a disappointment, you re overthinking things. Microsoft this week announced Surface Laptop 4, along with some new office-orientated peripherals. Lost in some of that news is that its dual-screen mobile device — Surface Duo — is expanding to 9 more markets. Granted, these are commercial markets, so not retails stores, but it s still an important step. But one of the dumbest hot takes I have seen from people is that Microsoft is only doing this to get rid of current stock. The joke being, of course, that Surface Duo is doing so poorly that the company is looking to dump existing devices in more markets to be rid of them. While such a notion appeals to the professional Microsoft schadenfreude crowd, mostly because there are still some pathetic misplaced grievances about the demise of Windows Phone, it is one of the most idiotic things I have heard. The real reason why Microsoft is expanding to Surface D...

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