Saturday 6 March 2021
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windowscentral - 11 days ago

Valheim mead guide: All recipes and how to make them

The nectar of the gods will be yours. The world of the Viking-themed survival game Valheim is full of threats and hazards and one of the best ways to prepare for its dangers is to prepare different types of mead. Whether you need to shrug off the cold, improve your resistance to poison damage, or increase your stamina regeneration, there s a mead you can make that will help you do so. Here s a detailed Valheim mead overview, including what you ll need to make it, how to do so, and what each recipe is. Valheim mead guide: All mead recipes and ingredients Thistle is a semi-common mead ingredient that you can get from Black Forest and Swamp biomes. There are a total of eight different mead recipes you can make in Valheim, and each one has a different effect on your character. Here s a look at what each recipe does as well as what you need to make them. Tasty mead: This mead raises your stamina regeneration by 300% but cuts your health regeneration down by 50%. This makes it valua...

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