Saturday 8 August 2020
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windowscentral - 1 month ago

How to give your Facebook Gaming page a brand-new name

If you decide you don t like your Facebook Gaming page name and username, fortunately, you can change it without much fuss. Whether you re bored of being SuperStreamer577 or fancy a rebrand, there comes a time you might well want to change up the name on your Facebook Gaming page. Fortunately, it isn t that difficult to do, so let s walk you through the process. For the sake of this guide, we re using the Facebook website on a PC. How to change your Facebook Gaming page name To get started, you need to make sure that you re looking at your Facebook Gaming creator page as an admin. Unless you specifically clicked on view as visitor then you re ok. Then follow these steps. In the sidebar, click on Edit Page Info. Look at the section titled General. You now have two options. If you wish to change your username, that is, your @abcdef handle, enter it into the Username box. You don t have to click anything, just type what you want, and Facebook will check that it is avai...

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