Thursday 4 June 2020
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windowscentral - 12 days ago

How to upgrade RAM on ASUSTOR AS6508T NAS

The ASUSTOR AS6508T NAS has upgradable RAM with two slots ready for up to 64GB of memory. 8GB comes pre-installed, so you ll want to buy a kit of two modules if you re planning to upgrade. Here s how to do it. Products used in this guide Serious NAS: ASUSTOR AS6508T ($1,097 at Newegg) Improve performance: Kingston KVR26S19D8 16GB RAM ($81 at Newegg) How to upgrade the RAM Remove the three small screws on the rear of the NAS, using a Philips screwdriver. Extract the outer shell by pushing towards the rear and lift the panel up. Locate the two RMA slots on the left-side of the inner chassis. Remove the existing RAM module by unlatching the secured clip. Install the RAM modules and secure them in place with the clips. Re-install the outer shell. Secure the NAS together with the three small screws removed in step 1. Boot up the NAS and check the system status to make sure all modules are read correctly. ASUSTOR AS6508T $1,097 at Newegg You re going to need the ASUSTOR...

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