Saturday 28 March 2020
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windowscentral - 2 days ago

Can coronavirus live on your Xbox or PS4 controller?

Best answer: Yes. COVID-19, better known as coronavirus, can live surfaces like Xbox One and PlayStation 4 controllers, but how long remains somewhat unclear. We recommend cleaning and disinfecting your video game controllers regularly using appropriate cleaning wipes or spray. Cleaning wipes: Isopropyl/75 percent alcohol wet wipes ($8 at Amazon) A simple solution: Solimo 99% isopropyl alcohol ($6 at Amazon) How long can coronavirus live on controllers? The ongoing coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic continues to impact our daily lives, making it incredibly important to halt its spread, and making hygiene more critical than ever. Whether you re self-isolating or regularly washing hands, there are several steps to avoid exposure to the virus and staying sanitary. That couples with a recommendation to clean and disinfect high-touch surfaces in your household, including your most-used gadgets. For many of use, that includes gaming controllers. While the virus appears to commonly sprea...

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