Saturday 29 February 2020
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windowscentral - 14 days ago

Check out the Valentine s Day trailer for Wasteland 3

InXile Entertainment says happy Valentine s Day to any new or veteran Rangers out there in a new trailer. What you need to know InXile Entertainment has released a new Valentine s Day trailer for Wasteland 3. This new trailer takes a more lighthearted approach, emphasizing life s pleasures for Valentine s Day. Wasteland 3 is currently set to release on May 19, 2020. You can preorder Wasteland 3 for Xbox One and PC for $60 at the Microsoft Store Wasteland 3 is a gritty role-playing game set in the frozen wastes of Colorado however, that doesn t mean there s no room for fun. That s why the newest trailer for Wasteland 3 celebrates Valentine s Day and encourages the Rangers to take care of themselves. Whether it s gambling, visiting the clubs or hitting the bar and brothel, there s plenty of ways to wind down and relax. You can check out the Valentine s Day trailer below. Interestingly enough, Wasteland 3 s trailers seem to be completely grim and dark or lighthearted and care...

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