Saturday 29 February 2020
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windowscentral - 14 days ago

Microsoft Edge Canary gains extension syncing

Microsoft Edge Canary just gained one more category that it can sync across devices. What you need to know Extension syncing is rolling out to Microsoft Edge Canary. The feature helps you set up and manage browsers across the device by making it easier to keep things in sync. The feature won t be available to everyone running Version 82.0.424.0 of Edge. The new Microsoft Edge has a new feature rolling out to people running Canary builds, extension syncing. The feature makes it easier to set up and manage your browser across multiple devices because you don t have to waste time setting up the same extensions multiple times. The feature isn t available to everyone running Microsoft Edge Canary, but our executive editor Daniel Rubino has it up and running on his system. A techcommunity post from Microsoft discusses the new feature. A SuperContributor named Dennis5mile states that it might not be available to everyone that is using Version 82.0.424.0. Because the new Microsoft...

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