Monday 18 November 2019
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windowscentral - 9 days ago

Hey, Microsoft, do you want to support the Surface Pro X or not?

If the Surface Pro X is to succeed, it has to start with Microsoft and so far, it s setting a bad example. Microsoft is a massive company, and with that sometimes comes inexplicable decisions. Take the Surface Pro X the company s first real stab at supporting the Windows on ARM architecture in premium hardware. You would think the company would be firing on all cylinders to sell the experience, but as is a familiar tale with the company, there are some bafflingly significant gaffs. For example, this week, Microsoft made a deserved big deal about its new Edge browser built on the Chromium Project. Moreover, it got a fancy new logo to go with it and credit where credit is due it s so far, an outstanding browser worthy of Windows 10 (and iOS, Android, and even Mac). So why is it that, if you plunk down well over $1,100 for a new Surface Pro X, you can t use an ARM64 version of that Edge browser? Microsoft is clear that it is not shipping a finalized ve...

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